How to Handle Uni Stress

International Stress Awareness Week is coming up, so here are some tips and advice on how to handle it all and not crumble.

The irony is, it was stressful writing this piece, because we are well into first semester, the work is piling up and second year actually counts. But you can’t let this stress get the better of you, after all, you made it to uni in the first place so you must be doing something right.

Dealing with the work is an issue we all have, but all you can do is try your best to get through it when you get it and if you don’t finish it straight away that’s fine, there is always tomorrow to polish it up.

Another thing is to have a set work place, a personal favourite is the comfy chairs in Eddy B where it feels like a whole other place, but if that’s not for you, try a coffee shop with background noise or your own desk at home. Never work in bed, your brain then associates that place with work and it will stress you out more and affect your sleep.

The best thing to remember is that not all stress is bad. Yes, sometimes it feels like you could crumble when the stress gets to you, but if you take that stress and use it as motivation, you will smash it and feel much better for it after the fact. We all know that once you have successfully done something, like getting that killer reading or essay out of the way, you can treat yourself to a drink, good food or even a Netflix session to help yourself relax. To think positively and use your stress as a motivator rather then something holding you back, you will notice you will do a lot better and stress a lot less.

Stress in itself is something everyone experiences at some point in their life, for some it’s just a general feeling when deadlines approach, others it can be a near-constant presence and can cause them longer term problems, but there are always ways to make it better. You need to remember that self-care is always a priority, take time to have a hot bath or go for a quick walk outside and take your mind off the stress.

If stress starts to get the better of you, talk to someone about it, or talk to them about anything else, just 5 minutes of solace for your mind can help. It can help to exercise your creativity, whether that is taking pictures or playing music really loudly and singing along like no one else is listening, it’s a good release for any negative feelings you are harbouring. If you feel like nothing else works, there are always professionals you can talk to, like a doctor or therapist, including at the university itself.


Isabella Kemp