PS4’s Spider-Man: With Great Game Comes a Great Experience

In the weeks after Spider-Man for PS4 was released, there is one thing that can be said about the game: it definitely makes you feel like a superhero. The smoothness of the gameplay and the fighting, as well as the storyline and the cinematic qualities of Spider-Man, make it possibly the best single-player game released since the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

The gameplay is unbelievably smooth; whether you are swinging through the streets of New York or in a fight with a group of robbers, the game maintains its simple but effective controls to create a seamless integration between the player and the game. The mechanics for fighting in Spider-Man are particularly commendable – they are easy to get to grips with but require more skill and finesse than the random button spamming that a lot of action-based games produce. Throughout these fights, the graphics remain clear and smooth, and even when fighting off massive groups of enemies the game stays coherent by blending fighting action with short, cinematic cutscenes for ‘finishing moves’.

The storyline leaves nothing to be desired; it plays on the familiarity of the ‘Friendly-Neighbourhood’ Spider-Man through its side-quests and random encounters, whilst also digging into some deeper themes and wider Marvel references in the main plot. As far as the references to the Marvel Universe go, they are recognisable and immersive for a Marvel fan, but also not essential to the plot. This means there is no pre-requisite for a certain amount of knowledge about the Marvel world needed to play Spider-Man, making it a fantastic stand-alone game that is still situated in the broader world that Marvel creates.

The game’s focus on its cinematic graphics really takes players to a new level of immersion, because although the fantastic characters and plot are enough to get anyone hooked, there is plenty of entertainment to be had in simply swinging around New York, taking in the breath-taking graphics. The cinematic focus of the game is something that really adds to its re-play value because, much like games such as The Witcher and Red Dead Redemption, the combination of beautiful visuals, engaging plot and open world
exploration makes you never want to
stop playing.


Beth Griffiths