Icons Only: The Most Memorable Styles on Stage

Move over Ed Sheeran, jeans just don’t cut it. Lydia Flack looks at some of the most iconic styles ever to grace the big stage.

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No this is not a look from the 2018 MET Gala, Beyoncé just does this. Emphasising her pregnancy glow with enough gold and jewels to outfit a pharaoh’s tomb, Beyoncé didn’t need a crown to show us she was queen. But she did it anyway. Icon.




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Lady Gaga

Looking better than we could ever hope to look as we step out of a bubble bath, Lady Gaga has style to spare and enough iconic outfits to keep me up writing all week. This bubble outfit really blew our minds, get it?




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Dolly Parton

I am able to confirm that it has been scientifically proven that only one woman in the universe can pull off a bedazzled white cowgirl suit and boots. That woman is Dolly Parton, Jolene never stood a chance.








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Amy Whinehouse

Giving Rosie the Riveter a run for her money. Amy Winehouse will never be beat when it comes to pinup, beehive vibes; she will also never be beat when it comes to soul aching melodies, but you already knew that.






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David Bowie

Boys, you have no excuse. David Bowie is not only legendary for his music but also for his insane sense of style, even by 1970’s standards. Pictured is the incomparable Halloween Jack, why wear a suit when you can dress like a space pirate?






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When Jean-Paul Gaultier handed Madonna this corset, did he know that he’d been an accessory to the greatest mass murder of the decade? Madonna needs no help to blow us away, but this look definitely didn’t hurt.



By Lydia Flack

Image: ledepeche.fr