Discwoman: Amplifying Each Other

Discwoman is an all-female DJ collective and artist agency, focused on promoting equality and representing female talent in the electronic music scene. Before their night at Wire last week, Clubs editor James Dewar briefly caught up with them…

It seems like an obvious question but, first of all, what led you to start Discwoman? 

It was more of a response to our community; we saw so many talented women, and them not being celebrated, so decided toa celebration.

How deeply embedded do you think sexism is within the electronic music scene? 

I mean like anything in the world, patriarchy has been the crux of society for centuries and we’re really just trying to work to do undo that.

What do you think of the response to what you’re doing, in terms representation of women on line ups? 

It’s been mostly positive I’d say. I think some people think its tokenistic…  as much as this can be true I also think it’s necessary to shed light on underrepresented acts.

Do you feel as if you’ve created a better climate for female DJs? It definitely feels as though there’s been a real shift in the last couple of years. 

I definitely think we play a part in it, there feels like a growing consciousness which is super exciting.

What do you see as the high point since you guys started Discwoman? Obviously, last year you made the Forbes 30 under 30 list. But, for me at least, the Umfang/Volvox B2B set for Boilerroom at Dekmantel was something really special.

God, way too many. But from this year I’d say our party at De School and the one at Saule (Berghain) from the summer.

What’s next for Discwoman? 

Were just focused on working to grow our artist agency.

Finally, what advice do you have for young female DJs trying to break onto the scene? 

Don’t listen to people. Just listen to whether you want to do it or not and listen to music haha. 

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…Laura McDermott then went to their night with Volvox to experience their talent for herself.

New-York based collective Discwoman are pioneering figures in bringing gender equality to the electronic music scene. Created in 2014 from a two-day festival at Bossa Nova Civic Club, Discwoman now boast over 250 DJs;  all of whom are cis women, trans women, non-binary and trans people.

On Saturday 20th October, following a workshop with Leeds’ very own non-cis male collective, Equaliser, Discwoman took to the decks at Wire, to show us how they like to party in NYC.

With three fierce selectors, Volvox, Ciel and Shyboi, Discwoman truly showed us why they have had the worldwide success that they do, bringing their absolute top quality and flare to Leeds. With each of the DJs bringing their own unique sound to the basement, Wire truly was the perfect venue to encapsulate the intimacy and care that the three DJs have for their craft. They created an atmosphere in which any aspiring non-cis-male DJ would see that you really can just go for it. The importance of having such events is key in showing that DJing does not just have to be a male dominated industry – women can take over the decks too.

The event was partnered with the Good Night Out Campaign, which is a movement aiming to end sexual harassments and assaults on nights out across the globe. Wire is a venue that supports the campaign and it seems like a perfect partnership with all that Discwoman stands for. 

James Dewar and Laura McDermott 

(Main image: Wire)