Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: A Culinary Education

Iranian-American chef Samin Nosrat’s critically acclaimed book ‘Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat’ has been developed into a four part Netflix series. The show’s aim is to educate viewers on how to master the key elements to culinary perfection.

Having read the Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat book, I was thoroughly excited to see Samin Nosrat translate her very detailed recipe book into a digestible TV series. For those who consider themselves a true foodie, Nosrat absolutely should be someone you look to for culinary advice. Although, to some confident culinary aficionados, her book and TV series may seem like an unnecessary return to the basics destined for those who know little about cooking, they are sorely mistaken.

This is exactly the opposite of the thoroughly addictive content Nosrat has produced. In fact, this return to basic kitchen knowledge is exactly what every cook needs to make it possible for them to improve. It makes you question what you know about cooking, and furthermore, it shows you what you don’t, but truly must, know about cooking. Nosrat explains and explores each of these elements in depth, each with their own episode, and has created a highly informative series, with every episode full of culinary gold dust and illuminating bite size facts.

There is a risk that this kind of content might not speak to all levels of culinary ability, as some may see the premise as too basic, and perhaps for others, too detailed an idea to tackle. However, Nosrat has been careful to assemble a series that is thoroughly inclusive, regardless of your culinary experience. Her careful choice of content, an accessible balance of science and culinary theory, ensures that this series is suitable for a wide audience.

In every episode a specific nation’s cuisine is used to demonstrate how one can harness the chosen element in their cooking. Nosrat has also taken the time to learn the native languages of some of the destinations, which adds a culturally informative dimension to the series.

All in all, the viewer gets a solid understanding of the four elements through beautifully shot content and insightful explanations. There is a real sense that this series, along with Nosrat’s book, is an outpouring of her personal enthusiasm for everyone everywhere to be able to create and enjoy delicious food.


Megan Whitby


Image: Netflix