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Imperial College London: ‘Hologram’ Lecturers: Futuristic New Technology Used to Teach Students

In a world first, students at Imperial College London’s Business School are set to be taught by hologram-like speakers. The University debuted this technology at a Women in Tech event held at the University on November 1st, which featured two speakers being broadcast from the US.

Whilst not strictly a ‘hologram’, the effect is visually similar. An image of the speaker is projected onto a glass screen, and a backdrop is added to give the illusion of depth. Broadcasting lecturers have a calibrated high-definition monitor in front of them, allowing them to interact with their audience, pointing at particular individuals and looking at them in the eye.

Dr David Lefevre, Director of Imperial’s Edtech Lab, said that these new methods provide greater presence than the alternative: video-conferencing software.

Hologram appearances cost around £150,000 per event, while Imperial’s new technology costs closer to £5,000. This radical price drop makes the technique much more financially-viable for universities.

As the pioneers of this new, futuristic software, Imperial firmly believe its use will become widespread in the near future.

Fiona Linnard

University of Southampton: ‘It’s ok to be white’ Sign Found in Southampton’s Hartley Library

A sign reading ‘it’s okay to be white’ was found in the University of Southampton’s main library just days after the Union’s President expressed the need to remove a mural featuring white war figures from the campus.

The sign was originally found on the floor of the library foyer but anonymous students stuck it on a pillar to video it and decided to leave it up since they “fundamentally didn’t disagree with it.”

The Student Union’s President, Emily Dawes, received backlash after stating she would “paint over” the Rothenstein Mural, which commemorates university students who died fighting in World War One.

Her reasoning for this was that the mural only contained white men. It is thought that it was her comments that triggered someone to create the sign.

Following her comments, a petition to remove her from her role as president has collected almost 20,000 signatures.

According to the Southampton Tab, Dawes is currently ‘on leave’ until further notice.

Charlotte Loughlin

University of Huddersfield: Dead Rabbits Discovered on Roof of University Building

Photographs of animal carcasses being stored secretly on the roof of the University of Huddersfield’s science building have been leaked by Animal Justice Project, an animal rights group.

Animal Justice Project have said that a student who gained access to the roof found lines of plastic containers filled with dead, decaying rabbits.

After asking the university for an explanation, the Animal Justice Project were informed that they were being used for research purposes by Forensic Science students as part of their course. Due to the lack of information provided by the university, the group then released the unsightly images to the media due to concerns about the nature of their death and what they were being used for, whether dead or alive.

A spokesperson for the university have since denied that they were killing and experimenting on animals. They stated that the carcasses are only being used to allow “forensic science students to be able to use decomposing tissue as part of their course” and that they were “obtained from licensed removal specialists of fallen stock or licensed companies that supply carcasses to the pet food industry.”    

Charlotte Loughin

University of Huddersfield: Students Urge Prince Andrew to Quit Role Following Saudi Links

Students at the University of Huddersfield have called for the Duke of York to step down from his position as University Chancellor, following a speech regarding Saudi Arabia that was deemed ‘insensitive’.

The students, who are part of the Huddersfield Labour Students, labelled Prince Andrew’s comments as “insensitive” and “inflammatory” for their failure to condemn the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The speech was made during an event for entrepreneurs in Abu Dhabi.

The Duke has business links in the Middle East, with plans to expand his entrepreneurship scheme Pitch@Palace into Saudi Arabia. During the speech, he emphasised the importance of being partners with the region and his hopes to expand there.

The students’ group criticised the Duke, stating he had a “blasé attitude towards the murder of a member of the free press.”

The University’s Conservative Society also criticised the Duke for “poorly timed” comments, however they did not think resignation was necessary.

Eleanor Smith

University of Canberra: Baking Bad – Student Blows Up Dorm Room while Cooking MDMA

A student at an Australian university has been accused of using his dorm room to manufacture the drug MDMA. Police were called to student residences at the University of Canberra in Australia’s capital last week, after reports of an explosion.

The student, identified as nineteen-year-old scientist Miles Dorian Whitty, is believed to have contacted the authorities himself on Tuesday 30th October, after suffering from breathing difficulties due to inhaling noxious gas.

Emergency services reported evidence of a chemical explosion in the dorm room in the early evening on Tuesday. Other residents were evacuated from the premises but allowed to return later that night.

Upon entering the residence, police found chemical ingredients to manufacture ecstasy, chemistry equipment, and instructions on how to make MDMA.

Whitty has since appeared in the ACT Magistrates Court on drug charges. He has been sent for mental health assessment following the brief court appearance but will reappear in court later this month.

Eleanor Smith

Image: [YouTube]