Estrons Rock Belgrave Music Hall with Fiery Set, 01.11.18

‘A girl is walking alone at night and a stranger shouts abuse at her – does she deserve it?’

You shout ‘NO’, of course, back at Estrons’ lead singer, Tali Källström, along with the rest of the crowd.

‘Am I a slut? Or am I just dressed like I want to have a good time?’

It’s not their first time visiting Leeds, and my fingers are crossed that it’s not the last because, with their charged vocals and unforgiving attitude to back them up, Cardiff band Estrons always bring some bite with them.

With a set list determined by the bands own experiences, Estrons breach through the surface with a much-needed and fiery assault on toxic masculinity, female objectification, and relationships old and new. For everyone who says they are too much, Källström is firing back to say you, you’re not enough.

And with the recent release of their debut album, You say I’m too much, I say you’re not enough (October 5th), Estrons’ Leeds gig gave fans up north a well needed chance to see the already very much living album translated to a live performance. The contrast between their older songs such as ‘Make a man’ and ‘Drop’ with their newer hits like ‘Strangers’ also shows just how well the band are evolving, whilst keeping that virulent energy which has made them so alive in the first place.

If you’ve seen Estrons before, their newer tracks carry an atmospheric charge which carries itself through through the room; if you’ve not seen Estrons before, what are you waiting for?  

Joseph Mason

Header image via BBC