Yorkshire and the Humber Ranked as 5th Most Generous Region in the UK

Residents of Yorkshire and the Humber are some of the most generous communities in the UK, a study has revealed on World Kindness Day.

The study, which was conducted by Vanquis Bank, investigated families from eleven different regions to see how the UK spends its cash after covering household bills, and to find out just how many people prioritise spending money on themselves rather than others.

The investigation took inspiration from an article from the Mental Health Foundation which found that altruistic actions which put others before ourselves contribute to our wellbeing and make us feel better in the long run.

The results of the study revealed that generosity is at the heart of the UK, with respondents in every region stating that spending money on their family members is their first consideration.

The West Midlands was revealed as the most generous region, with 15% of respondents spending money on their family ahead of themselves. Wales was awarded second place.

Still winning the battle between Yorkshire and Lancashire, the North West took third spot, two places ahead of Yorkshire and the Humber.

To no one’s surprise, it also turned out that those living in London or Greater London are the least generous of all, perhaps because the action of buying a friend a pint will cost you something similar to an hour’s wage.

Just 2% of the nation had their priorities in order, stating that they pamper themselves before all other non-essential purchases.

Robbie Cairns