Rick Astely’s Rickrolling His Way to First Direct Area This Friday

Question, Reader: Who is so powerful that he could become a prince of pop culture without even trying?

You’re right. It’s Rick Astley.

Although you might know him from the ‘Rickrolling’ meme from 2007, there’s actually much more to Astley’s music than one may suspect. He is just one of many examples of an immensely talented vocalist and songwriter from the 1980s who was unfortunately washed into obscurity in the cultural sea-change of the early 1990s.

Which is not to say that he’s been making the same music since 1987’s Whenever You Need Somebody, quite the contrary; he’s arguably been putting out consistently interesting music ever since.

I’m sure there are some naysayers who believe that Rick Astley is a joke, who think his music is horribly dated compared to the pop of today. Yet, I look at the Top 40 chart today and suddenly it seems as though Astley’s music might be unfairly treated. His music is fun, nuanced, and down to earth. But most importantly, he’s a fantastic performer, and anyone even remotely into classic pop music would be an idiot to not see one of its most iconic flagbearers.

He’s playing the First Direct Arena on Friday.

I wonder what he’ll play at the end…

Zack Moore

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