A Programme of French Choral Music: What To Expect

In less than a week, the Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall will be filled with the voices of the women’s and mixed chorus from the School of Music. The repertoire of French choral music from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries features works of some of the most significant composers of this period, like Debussy and Poulenc, and ones who are less known and performed, like Vincent D’Indy.

Bryan White, Choral Director, describes French choral music as “very evocative, both in terms of text and the rich harmonic language of the music”. With music that reacts strongly to French poetry, the audience can expect to be entranced by the vivid images painted by the voices of the choruses. Even if you don’t speak French, the sounds the voices create will help tell the story, and transport you to the settings of the poetry. It will be a concert that is exciting to both watch and hear.

“It (has been) a very exciting process to work with the choirs in preparation for the concert” he says, and we hope that the music we create will resonate with you, the audience, as it takes you on a journey to explore wonderful and illustrative French music.

A Programme of French Choral Music

Date: 23 November 2018, Friday
Time: 1pm – 2pm
Venue: Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall, School of Music
Tickets: Free Admission.

Watch the LiveStream here.

Stephanie Boon

Image Courtesy Pixabay