The Hottest Show on Netflix

We all talk about the thrilling Stranger Things, the sheer delight that is Queer Eye, and the dark and intriguing House of Cards, but there is one programme that smokes the competition. Aptly called Fireplace for Your Home, you get to watch a crackling fireplace grow and smolder for an hour. Each episode is absolutely riveting, with high production value and some fire visuals.


Just like any good show, this is the perfect form of escapism. Soothe the inferno in your soul with the controlled one on your screen. Watch the picture perfect wood logs go up in flames, much like your attempts to balance your assignments with your social life and work commitments. Stare into the mesmerizing blaze to drown out the existential dread always on the periphery of your mind. Remember what it’s like to be in front of a fire with all its soothing crackling and purring sounds, but without that pesky heat—which just made you a sweaty mess anyway. Fireplace is also a perfect alternative to rain and ocean sounds if the weather is making you go a little insane.

This is a perfect addition to your flat Christmas party that won’t give your landlords or parents a heart attack. Be reminded of the beauty and chaos of fire without accidentally burning your flat down and losing out on that hefty deposit. If it’s the smell of the fire that you’re really missing, make it more realistic by striking and extinguishing some matches or lighting and blowing out any candles you have lying around.

With multiple editions to choose from, including yule log, classic crackling, and birchwood, there’s hours of quality 4k fireplace visuals to feast your eyes upon. There’s no better way to watch the world burn than from your own bed with a cosy fake fire as your sole comfort.


Jade Verbick


Image: Netflix