Is it Time for a Self-care Sunday?

We all know that being at Uni can be pretty stressful, whether it’s from being super busy with essays and readings, socials and responsibilities for societies, or just general life stresses like relationships and finances.

With all this going on, it can sometimes feel overwhelming and can make you feel a little slumped resulting in you being less creative and productive.

Times like these, your body and mind are yearning for some much needed attention, and a Sunday pamper sesh is the perfect trick to detoxify yourself from all the stresses.

Of course being students, a luxury day at the spa is not going to be at the top of our finance priority list, so here’s a short guide for how to treat yourself to a DIY “Self-care Sunday”. You can invite your bestie over or do it alone for some extra “me” time.

Step 1. Make yourself a herbal tea

  • A herbal tea is a nice change from the caffeinated drinks we habitually drink like coffee, English tea and of course not forgetting jaeger bombs. My personal favourite is Twinings Spiced Ginger tea, as it gives a warming sensation, perfect for the Winter months.
  • You could even try making your own by adding some grated fresh ginger, squeezed lemon and a little sugar/honey to some hot water in your favourite mug.

Step 2. Find/create your favourite chilled-out Spotify playlist

  • Putting on a few chilled beats can really help you tune out from everything that went on in your day, making you feel more present in the current moment, which should just be relaxing and listening to your body, not your busy thoughts.
  • The songs you choose is up to you- Chillhop is great for when you want to zone out, but for a serious pick-me-up you’ll need your favourite bangers on to make you feel like Beyoncé.

Step 3. Light an insence/fragranced candle

  • This step is really important because some nice fragrances help add to the relaxing vibes, and don’t worry about the cost –  you can get really cheap incense sticks from the Corn Exchange.

Step 4. Cleanse, exfoliate, face mask (in that order too)

  • After having your shower (or bath if you’re lucky enough to have one in your student house), cleanse your face with some micellar water, exfoliate with a face scrub. then apply your favourite face mask. If you fancy splashing out you can treat yourself to one from Body Shop or Lush (if you take 5 empty Lush bottles to any of their stores, they’ll give you a fresh face mask for free!).
  • After about 15 minutes (but always ends up being an hour) wash off the face mask and apply a nourishing moisturiser to rehydrate your skin.

Step 5. Take it all in!

Now this is this final step, put your phone away to help you disconnect from all the external sources of stresses and distractions, you don’t want Instagram interrupting your zen. Dim the lights, kick your feet up and relax!

After this Self-Care Sunday you’ll wake up on Monday morning feeling super refreshed, thank us later.

Andri Neocleous