Leeds Fashion Society to Host Sustainable Clothes Swap

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In honour of our University’s pledge to be plastic-free by ’23, the Leeds Fashion Society will be hosting its very first Clothes Swap event this Wednesday from noon until 5pm.

For clothes swap novices, the event consists of a clothes-drop off on Monday 19th November at helpdesk in the Union between 11am and 4pm, before the main swapping event on Wednesday. Attendees are allowed to drop off a maximum of 5 items and the number of items donated corresponds to the number of clothes allowed to be taken home on the day. Tickets cost £3 for non-members (£2.00 for members), and will be available to purchase at the drop-off. Any clothes that are left-over from the event will be donated to sustainability-orientated organisations.


Such a great event as this is certainly refreshing in the face of the fast-fashion cycle many of us have fallen into. The Leeds Fashion Society itself is relatively new having only been established in 2015 and encompasses a whole range of talents from models to photographers, stylists to artists. The society is hugely encouraging of talent and hosts a whole range of projects with the hope of drawing attention to the work of its members. Throughout the year the society is hoping to host collaborative events such as workshops, pop-up sales, photoshoots, industry talks and socials. Clothes swapping is just the beginning.

One impressive initiative launched by the society is its photography platform. The idea is for a collaborative platform which allows members to create projects together and have them featured on social media as well as partner platforms (in print magazines, newspapers and other social media profiles), in order to increase visibility of the projects. This allows members to build their portfolios and provides a network which reduces the steps needed to form a creative team for projects. The society hopes that this platform with facilitate with the process of hunting for talent, while providing members exposure to the fashion scene and real-world collaborative experiences.

The first project to come from the platform is the opportunity to work with the committee on its upcoming editorial shoot for their first eyeshadow palette. Through the platform, they will be selecting MUAs, photographers and models by using the corresponding hashtags (#photographers_lfs, #stylists_lfs, #models_lfs, #MUA_lfs, #others_lfs). Details about the palette are to be announced at a later date.

Leeds Fashion Society is always looking to recruit more members so get involved! Check out Leeds Fashion Society here, and be sure to check out the clothes swap this week.

The clothes swap runs from 12:00-17.00 in LUU Room 6 on Wednesday 21st November.

Leeds Fashion Society:

Adriana Lam – President

Mark Harrison – Vice President

Mimi Hamadache – Secretary

Stefany Konovalova – Treasurer

Julia Fong – Social Media Manager

Natalie Wong – Creative Director

Sofia Gagliano – PR Manager

Viktoriya Keremidova – Photographer


Victoria Copeland

Image: Leeds Fashion Society