The Best of Leeds’ Christkindelmarkt

Christmas has arrived… early.


The German Christmas market is up in Millenium Square once again for the festive period. There are plenty of options to treat yourself to whether that be food, drink, or weird wooden toys and pretty candles.

The Christmas Carousel in full swing.

One of the most delicious savoury foods on offer is garlic bread. For those with a sweet tooth, the marshmallows are also incredible – they have a wafer base and chocolate coating and are filled with gooey marshmallow. There are also many types of sausages to choose from – a German Christmas staple you can never go wrong with. But there isn’t only food. A number of bars and cafe style huts offer the chance to sit down with a pint and listen to Christmas music. Or, you can huddle round with a nice, steaming hot mug of mulled wine, which we all know only actually tastes nice at Christmas time, so November may be too early.

The musical reindeer will attempt to entertain you…

If you want to relive your childhood there is also a huge, beautiful carousel that is in full swing all day long. As well as this on one of the huts, there is a huge talking reindeer who sings songs at you, which is fun to look at, albeit a little creepy. As far as entertainment goes, that is pretty much it, apart from the odd live performance from random singer in a miniscule stage that isn’t really worth staying for. 

If you make a trip down to the market, be sure to have cash as everywhere is cash only. Make an event out of it, stuff your faces with both sweet and savoury treats, drink as much as you want and then top it off with some Instagrammable pictures of you and your friends in the lights that give the place a real Christmas and festive feel. The best time to go is in the evening, just as it it going dark so that you get the full effects of the lights, but equally it is a lot quieter during the day, so keep that in mind.



Isabella Kemp


Images: Isabella Kemp, Pixabay