Ten Best-Paid Jobs for University Students, Surveys Suggest

Want a lucrative part-time job to see you through the academic year? Here’s a run-down of the 10-best paid jobs out there.


There’s almost no point in saying it as we all know and live through this fact: student fees are at an all-time high and student living can often have lots of additional expenses. The demand for part-time student work is on the increase to help boost our income. Below are the 10 best-paid industries to work in as a student, according to online job website CV-library!

  1. Transport and Logistics – £8.57 per hour

Perhaps a surprising industry to see on a list of students jobs, and more typically associated with HGV driving, logistics work for students is of a slightly lighter load. Students in this industry are usually working as warehouse pickers or packers. Positions for this are often temporary during especially busy periods – therefore providing longer shifts and better pay. Plus, companies will usually hire en masse during these periods, so grab a couple of mates and get packing!

  1. Sales – £9.09 per hour

Telemarketing. Not the most glamorous of industries but the hours are flexible and the pay is good – employees can often earn commission. The shifts are usually between 3-5 hours and wouldn’t take up too much of your time and most companies are flexible as to how many days you work.

  1. Admin – £9.10 per hour

An ideal option for students as most of the skills required are ones you will have gained during your degree – such as advanced Microsoft Office skills and a ‘good standard of education’. Most employers want between 15-20 hours a week.

  1. Social Care – £9.33 per hour

This job is ideal for anyone caring and compassionate, as these are pretty much the only requirements in entry-level social care! Most employers will provide you with essential training needed to work as an agency carer.

  1. Health and Medicine – £9.86 per hour

Probably most ideal for any budding medics, this industry is quite difficult to get into if you have no prior medical experience. However, it is a great way to gain additional experience in this field.

  1. Customer Service – £10.02 per hour

Most jobs are front-of-house or telephone support for customers. No qualifications are required, just a chirpy and friendly personality, even with a hefty hangover.

  1. Education – £10.51 per hour

Pretty much any student that speaks a foreign language or is proficient at maths or English could earn themselves lots of cash working as a tutor. This is the most ideal student job as it is fully flexible; you set the hours and days that you want to work.

  1. Construction – £12.06 per hour

Perhaps  the biggest surprise on the list – but there are lots of positions in construction that are flexible. If you fancy yourself as a part-time painter or decorator or even a roofer, then this might be the job for you.

  1. Marketing – £12.89 per hour

This comes in various forms, including leaflet distribution and part-time design work. Marketing work isn’t all that common, and relevant experience is more important than formal qualifications in this industry and if you are looking to gain experience in this area, many companies will take on interns for a lower wage.

  1. Accounting – £14.20 per hour

The highest paid student jobs are for those with a strong aptitude for maths. It is largely dependent on experience and roles range from book keeping to account assistants. Positions are flexible in terms of what days you can work and most employers expect between 15-20 hours per week.

Yasmin Filali

Image: [Pixabay]