World Television Day 2018 – Our Favourite Episodes

In celebration of World Television Day, which this year is 21st November, our Lifestyle and Culture online editor Caitlin Tilley and writer Mia Connor tell us about their favourite episodes of TV.


Inside No.9: The Riddle of the Sphinx, season 3 episode 3

From the genius creators of League of Gentlemen, starring Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith, Inside No. 9 is an extremely dark comedy with stand-alone episodes, all taking place inside rooms or buildings labelled with the unlucky number nine.

This particular episode is about a crossword-writing professor and a progressively dark plot. The episode keeps you on your psychological toes and has your jaw hitting the floor. This has to be my favourite episode of the whole series – or any series for that matter – as it is incredibly clever and intricately detailed. As a Classics student, the reference to the sphinx, which Oedipus defeats by solving a riddle, (otherwise he would have been thrown off a cliff outside of Thebes) is very appealing to me. And while most people I spoke to afterwards were confused or shocked, I was admiring the ingenuity. I would however recommend the whole show (as well as League of Gentlemen)!

Mia Connor


Louis Theroux’s Altered States: Love Without Limits

Long-term fans of the documentary heartthrob will not be disappointed with his latest offering. This time, Louis is in Portland, Oregon, to put the practice of polyamory under the microscope.

As ever, Louis’ ability to put others at ease whilst questioning their most significant life choices proves a thrilling watch. Introducing us into the tangled domestic scene that is a polygamous community, the show exhibits a variety of interesting characters, from the outspoken Joelle to the more reserved Jerry.

Louis probes and prods with the utmost respect, all the while maintaining an ethos of well-meaning curiosity. Revealing the highs and lows of the alternative romantic lifestyle choice. The perks of freedom and unlimited attention are sharply contrasted by the almost inevitable consequences of jealousy, feelings of inadequacy or even loneliness.

Highlight of the show: Louis’ obligatory ‘getting involved’ moment at a ‘Sensual Eating Dinner’.

Caitlin Tilley



Images: Pixabay, BBC, Guardian, CultBox, Wikipedia