A Chocolate a Day…

With December fast approaching, so does the annual question: what advent calendar do I get this year?

Studies prove that a chocolate a day improves your wellbeing. Even though being a University student at this time of the year means deadlines, it also means that you can wake up to an indulgent treat each morning. The below rankings present the best chocolate advent calendars available, so why limit yourself to one, when you can have at least two (or all six)?


The Cheeky One: Celebrations

What screams Christmas more than Celebrations? You can prepare for the day you will eat a whole tub in one go. This advent calendar contains a variety of sweets, so you can taste all the flavours of Christmas.

(£5 in supermarkets)


The Wholesome One: Lindt

The Lindt advent calendar is a personal favourite. The milk chocolate content includes the Lindt signature truffles, snowdrops with a creamy filling, napolitains, and gold-wrapped santas and reindeers. This variety is guaranteed to make the cold count-down to Christmas exciting. The high-quality chocolate, mixed with a joyful design, makes this calendar a perfect choice.

(£5.99 in Lindt stores)


The Boujie One: Hotel Chocolat

If you want to splash out this year, Hotel Chocolat is the place to go. The advent calendar comes in a variety of flavours: milk, supermilk, white, dark, 100% dark, and with caramel filling. The sophisticated yet simple design of the free-standing calendar makes it a beautiful house decoration, too. The delicious festive-shaped figurines will bring Christmas spirit every day throughout December.

(£12.50 in Hotel Chocolat stores)


The Classic One: Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

The Cadbury Dairy Milk advent calendar provides you with a portion of everyone’s favourite chocolate once a day for the whole month. Some people might say it is a safe choice, but it really is a classic.

(£1.50 in supermarkets)



The One Your Mum Gets You: Thorntons

The Thorntons advent calendar contains festive shapes, which come in either milk or white chocolate. On top of the choice of flavour, you can also pick the design. With the option to personalise each calendar with icing, you can be sure that no-one will steal your chocolate this Christmas.

(£5 or 3 for 2 in Thorntons stores)



The Edgy One: Cadbury’s Heroes Chocolate Advent-ure

David Bowie may have said “we can be heroes, just for one day” but, with this advent calendar, you can eat a hero every day. Not only can you taste the delicious flakes of a Twirl or the gooey goodness of a Fudge, you can use your phone to interact with your calendar for extra goodies. Did someone say the future of advent calendars?

(£5 from supermarkets).


Karolina Glasek


Images: Takingretail, Amazon, Premierlifestore, Hotelchocolat, topsimages, Thorntons