Deceit. Betrayal. Sabotage.

Deceit, Betrayal, and Sabotage: These are just some of the words which sprung to my mind when the Prime Minister announced her shambolic Brexit deal. After more than two years of negotiations, the self-proclaimed “bloody difficult woman” brought back a deal which effectively kept Britain in the EU all but on paper. One would have found it hard to predict a situation where the country would not only be likely forced into a backstop, but also give the EU the power to say when we could leave the backstop and negotiate our own trade deals. Alas, this is the reality which besieges us today.

The vote on the 23rd June 2016 was one which gave Britain the opportunity to broaden her horizons and global presence. Annex 2 of Mrs. May’s deal, which keeps Britain in the Customs Union for an indefinite time, said otherwise. Not only would we miss out on trade deals with BRIC countries, we would equally be forced to continue the free movement of capital as per article 63 of the treaty of Maastricht. This would prevent us from implementing anti-dumping laws which would protect British industries; namely the steel industry. A devastating blow for the working-class communities who turned out in flocks to vote against more EU globalisation and its austerity diktat.

With article 174 of the Prime Minister’s deal keeping Britain under the jurisdiction of the European Court of justice, MP Jacob-Reese Mogg was right to describe the EU as “Hotel California” by the fact that “you can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave”.

With billionaire bankers such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and George Soros all pouring money into the ‘People’s Vote’ movement, it is easy to see it is big money that is on the Remainers side. It is much more difficult to see who is looking out for the 52% of Brexiteers, however. In a very Orwellian manner, the Prime Minister has changed her position on a No-deal Brexit, now arguing that any deal is better than no deal. This was not the same rhetoric she gave before the last election. Even more appalling than May’s ‘leave by name only’ deal, was the leader of the opposition’s suggestion that he would block a No-deal Brexit in parliament.

With the inevitability of both May’s deal and a No-deal Brexit being halted by parliament, the government would more than likely turn to a second referendum. How convenient! Labour MP Barry Gardner warned that the reversal of the biggest democratic mandate in the country’s history would lead to social unrest and disturbance around the country. It must be said, be careful what you wish for Remainers.

Julien Yvon