I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas: Top 5 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Digital Associate Editor, Bella Davis, has compiled her top 5 environmentally friendly Christmas present ideas to save you breaking the bank and doing all the research.

Looking after the planet should be on everyone’s mind this Christmas. Whether you’re a eco-veteran or are buying for a sustainably conscious friend, these ethical gifts are bound to impact your lifestyle because looking after the planet should be on everyone’s mind this Christmas. This eco-gift guide proves that being conscious of your impact on the planet doesn’t mean having to give rubbish Christmas presents.

For the Coffee Addict – Keep Cup, £6-20

We all have that friend who can’t function without a morning coffee, but the take-away cups we are normally handed containing our artisan mocha or flat white with soya milk are actually really damaging for the environment. As most people already know, these coffee cups can’t be recycled, so why not purchase a Keep Cup for your caffeine reliant friend.

Made using recycled plastic or tempered glass and featuring a quirky coloured rubber or sustainably-sourced natural cork grip, Keep Cup is leading the backlash against single-use waste. The great thing about this cheap and cheerful present, it that it is the gift that just keeps giving. If you use a reusable cup in almost any coffee shop you can get 10 percent off your drink each time you use it. You can even purchase on campus with a special UoL grip.

To buy a Keep Cup, search the full range here: https://uk.keepcup.com/?countryNameChange=United+Kingdom&countryChangeType=auto

For the Food Obsessed – Bee’s Wax Honeycomb Reusable Wrap, £10-30

Looking for an affordable gift that suits a zero-waste lifestyle and can stand the test of time? Made from organic cotton and treated with harvested natural beeswax, organic jojoba oil and tree resin, this sandwich wrap is 100% biodegradable, reusable and washable plus it’s incredibly eco-friendly. It is the perfect kitchen essential for the organised person in your life who never fails to pack homemade lunch.

It doesn’t just have to be used as a sandwich wrap but can also be used to mould to bowls to cover your leftovers. Say goodbye to cling film and tin foil and hello to the Bee’s Wax Honeycomb Reusable Wrap.

To search this eco-friendly product visit: https://www.beeswaxwraps.co.uk/shop/

For the Fashion Conscious – Thought Sustainable Bamboo Socks, £5.95

Everyone needs warm socks with the temperamental British weather, and what better way to gift an everyday winter essential than with ethical and environmentally friendly socks. UK based contemporary and sustainable style brand Thought Clothing have created some super fun festive socks that come in a range of different prints. Their Winter Collection Christmas socks are made from incredibly soft bamboo and a 100% organic cotton blend. At just £5.95 these are the perfect Secret Santa present. They are breathable, naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, so your feet (and the planet) stay happy and healthy.

Find the full Thought Winter Collection socks here: https://www.wearethought.com/sustainable-socks/september-18/

For the Tech Lover –  Pela Biodegradable Phone Case, £30

It is the perfect gift for any tech lover who is constantly glued to their phone or is always the first to get the new Iphone upgrade. A sturdy and protective phone case that is also available for Samsung and Google Pixel phones. The Pela phone case is 100% compostable and aims to make products that balance beautiful design, every day function, and a graceful end of life that does as little harm to the planet as possible. You can feel the plant-based materials it is made from, even though it is smooth to touch. The case comes in a number of different colours as well as limited edition collections with engraved graphics to really make each case unique.

To purchase this environmentally friendly gift go to: https://pelacase.com/

For the Creature of Comfort, Yellow Sunrise Colourful Recycled Rugs, £10

A Recycled Rag Rug is an amazing gift for any home lover. Colourful and eco-friendly, it is the perfect addition to brighten up any living space, especially at this time of year when the days are short and dark. Every single rag rug is completely unique, made from recycled fibres and cotton: 70% polyester and 30% cotton. A vibrant, sustainable and incredibly cost effective gift sure to put a smile on any face.

If you want to handpick your artisan handcrafted rug then pop down to Leeds’ very own Corn Exchange and shop in person at the quirky independent store Yellow Sunrise. We recommend this option as the colours vary. If your pockets go a little deeper you could even get the larger size for just £20.

To purchase online: https://www.yellowsunrise.co.uk/rag-rug-75-x-100-cm-multi-colour.html

Images: kitchenwarehouse.com, Uncommon Goods, Thought Clothing, TreeHugger, Yellow Sunrise