Slaves Rock the O2, 19.11.18

‘Easy listening’ is not how I would describe the music of the two-piece band Slaves. In fact, their music definitely isn’t for the light-hearted, evidenced in the expansive mosh pits and beer spillages at the O2 Academy last Monday night.

Lady Bird supported the band, quite fitting to the genre of Slaves, providing a crescendo of punk rock into the headline. Their music closely resembles that of Slaves, and I’m not sure I could really tell them apart- a sweaty, topless twenty something year old guy standing at the front of the stage seemed to be custom to both bands.

The crowd of Slaves’ sold out show bounced off the bands wild and chaotic energy, singing (or perhaps more fittingly, shouting) along to their tracks. They managed to create an atmosphere close to that of Leeds Fest, with the repetitive chanting of “Yorkshire”and the screaming of “SLAAAAAAVES” at the end of the tune ‘The Lives They Wish They Had’ from the sweaty crowds.

Bearing in mind the band consists of only Laurie Vincent (guitarbassvocals) and Isaac Holman (drums, vocals), the pair have an outrageous stage presence that makes it very difficult for the audience to stay calm. The boys brought crowd members on stage to dance (slightly questionably) in the background to one of their songs.

These boys are clearly in their element on stage, and have made me into an even bigger fan than I was before. The put on one of the most fun gigs I’ve attended to date. Don’t expect an easy, peaceful nights sleep after seeing these guys; the adrenaline rush and raised heart rate they caused did not decrease by bedtime.

Gabby Kenny

All Images Credit Henry Taylor