Mumford and Sons Delight at the First Direct Arena, 01.12.18

After listening to the group’s latest album ‘Delta’, I was extremely eager to see what Mumford and Sons had to offer in terms of performance. Are they still as relevant today as they perhaps were five years ago? Looking around the huge venue that is First Direct Arena, I was struck by how diverse the audience appeared to be. Groups of teenagers, families, and a vast amount of romantic couples of all ages on dates, most definitely speaks of the wide platform that this four-piece have acquired.

Image credit: Henry Taylor


Support act Maggie Rogers was a delightful blend of folk-like vocals, poppy, catchy choruses and funky use of electric guitar. Her enigmatic movement on stage made her incredibly watchable, and what may have been initially perceived as a sweet, country voice, turned out to be an absolute powerhouse, easily compared to the likes of Florence and The Machine. I highly recommend checking Rogers out; something tells me she’s going to be pretty big, pretty soon.

As for the main event, the band proved they are just as relevant as ever. The combination of both new and old tracks worked absolutely seamlessly, with the use of ‘Little Lion Man’ as the second song on the set working perfectly to ‘psych’ up the crowd. Marcus Mumford, in particular, demonstrated his very impressive musicianship. His ability to use his voice as an instrument (yes, that’s the only way I can describe it), is really quite something, let alone his high level of competence on a variety of instruments, which he aptly shows off throughout the performance.

The overall atmosphere, the clear dedication of the fans, and the solid performance from the band as a whole, as well as their remarkable supporting instrumentalists, made this an extremely enjoyable experience for all those involved.

Charlotte Bresh

Header image via Henry Taylor