Skegss Bring a Bit of Their Own Mess to Chapel, 24.11.18

This gig will be one that I will never ever forget, Skegss made the crowd go wild with their Aussie, so crazy that the barriers broke after only 3 songs. Promoting their new album My Own Mess, which is fantastic and worth a listen, they are currently plowing their way through a massive European tour. Their supporting acts, locals Party Hardly warmed up the crowd with their amazing guitar riffs and frontman Matt Pownall (guitar and vocal) who looked as though he entered a trance with the beginning of every song. The second act, Dumb Punts, brought plenty of banter between their songs, talking about how every song is about Leeds when this is their first time visiting, such passion. ‘Got It Good’ was the definite hit of the set.

Finally, the moment came and Skegss graced us with their stage presence. The moment they started the crowd transformed into glorious chaos; with elbows flying, people dangling from the beams above and endless number of crowd surfers. After the barriers broke, they took a small break to remove them, as safety is priority, and in their place was some beautiful body guards trying their best to pick everyone who fell onto the stage up. Even when the sound system broke, Skegss carried on with an amazing acoustic performance, which was awe-insipring, playing ‘Up in the clouds’ which has to be one of my favourite songs

Afterwards, Benny (lead vocals and guitar) took time at the end of the gig to say hi to everyone. Truly a down the earth guy, as is Toby (bass) who provided an inspiring story on my vinyl cover.

I highly recommend everyone sees these beauties live to catch the amazing atmosphere and, of course, their sick tunes.

Heather Johnstone

Header Image Credit: Pilerats