WAH Presents Calibre & DRS – Review

Liquid DnB pioneer Calibre, alongside MC DRS and LSB, lifted Mint Warehouse for this special night.

I want to make clear the massive respect I have for Calibre. His music has defined liquid Drum and Bass for years and shall continue to do so. His calendar is not brimming with sets, so getting the chance see him is not something to be passed up on.

On the night, I was a little baffled as to why the headliners were placed so early on in the set times. The crowd plays a huge part in the success of an act, but with the venue not anywhere near full capacity, the energy was not what it should have been. I think Calibre was unfortunate and, to be frank, hard done by. He should not have been placed at the start of the night, but this was out of his control.

As predicted, the venue later filled up and the atmosphere was lifted. LSB, another household name on the liquid scene, was fantastic. He read the crowd brilliantly and played off the atmosphere, despite his traditional records being a world away from what he was playing. He lifted and lowered the crowd at exactly the right moments; mixing both rollers and tunes verging on jump-up. The energy he brought was sublime. I have seen LSB several times now and this was by far his best performance.

What excites me most about these kinds of events is witnessing up-and-coming names, unburdened by the pressure of expectation. With this in mind I spent a lot of time in room two, watching new talent. One DJ who really shone for me was youngster Skinny. You could clearly tell that it was an absolute pleasure for him to be doing what he loved. His unique blend of mainstream and underground struck the perfect note. He is one to watch for sure.

As with any Mint Warehouse night, the atmosphere was electric. It was the perfect setting for a night such as this one, and a pleasure to watch some of the most renowned names in the genre do what they do best.

Walter Gregory 

(Main image: WAH)