Five Things You Need in Your Wardrobe This Winter

Winter is upon us yet again, and that age-old question has resurfaced – should I even make an effort in this weather? Is it too cold to be cute? No! Is our answer. We’re here with concrete proof that winter clothes can be every bit as fun as summer clothes, and so, for your viewing pleasure, here are five things you need in your wardrobe this winter…


No wardrobe is complete without killer kicks, so go bold this winter – be daring. A good boot is an absolute must-have, regardless of the year, and it’s not like ankle boots are going out anytime soon. With plenty of styles to choose from, from the classic chunky heel to suede combat boots to good old-fashion Timbs, there’s really no excuse for not having a cute pair of boots in your wardrobe – you gotta cover those feet with something, after all.

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Simmi London










Teddy Coat

This one’s a no-brainer, a solid coat choice and super warm. All I can say is, for the love of god, don’t buy a white one! This is 2018, kids, we’re being cute and practical. While the white ones are adorable, unless you can afford to replace it on short notice on a student budget, don’t go there, you don’t need the stress… Red is the new pink, so stand out this winter and pair to perfection on the top of neutral shades, like whites, blacks and greys.

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Roll Neck

I mean, really, does it get any more versatile than a turtleneck? Where do we even start with these? Cute with jeans, cute with skirts, cute under a pinafore dress or dungarees… So many options. For that classic 90s vibe, look no further. Be sure to get one listed as a sweater, not a t-shirt, as it will be thicker, and for extra protection from that awful northern weather, go ahead and slip a thermal t-shirt underneath – no one will know.

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Satin Tie Front

If you’re aiming for that perfect blend of classy and casual, pair with jeans and heels – ideal for those smart-casual Christmas or New Year’s dos. Nothing yells ‘sophisticated but cool’ better than a luxury material – satin and velvet are your best friends here, adding that extra something to an otherwise average ensemble. You might quite literally freeze your tits off, but let’s face it – you probably would’ve anyway. At least now it’ll be worth it.

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Hello, accessories? Instantly elevate any outfit by throwing on an accessory or two. Want to wear that cute skirt to uni but worried you’ll freeze in the lecture theatre? Boom, blanket scarf – cute as a scarf when walking around, even better as a blanket to cover up those legs when sitting. Want that amazing Gucci belt look but are barely skating through on a student budget? Boom, cheap dupes from high street stores. Outfit plain and uninspired? Boom, a beret – sophisticated and chic.

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By Tasha Johnson

Image: The Trend Setter