Jordan Allen Rock The Key Club, 05.12.18

From the get go, I’d been quite critical of Jordan Allen. I’ve always found it to be quite unfair that on Facebook, and in music journalism, more generally the act is referred to as a singular “he” rather than as a band. This erasure of instrumentalists contributes to the wider problem in the music industry of only frontmen getting credit. This is why the only person from Arctic Monkeys that anyone can name is Alex Turner.

Imagine my surprise, then, when over the course of the evening I realised Jordan Allen (Jallen to their fans) actually encapsulated much of what is best about the music industry and local music scenes.

The band did their best to engage with the local photographers who surrounded the stage. This is a vast improvement on the increasingly common theme of bands just taking their own photographers to gigs. Jordan Allen did their best to foster creative growth in local scenes, without which talent begins to wither and die as opportunities fade away.

The crowd was absolutely ecstatic. Only a few other times in my life have I seen so many people so passionate about the band they’re seeing. To an extent, this is to be expected. Allen is from Leeds, and prior to his recent tour across Canada was working in the Library Pub. Not only is his fanbase homegrown, the band itself is, too. The bassist himself was Jordan’s barber until he asked him to join along.

Speaking with the band after the gig, they were nothing but positive- “it’s not like Jordan takes all the credit.” True, Jordan’s voice is certainly powerful and his lyrics witty, blending serious topics like addiction with playful songs about past lovers. The real charm, though, comes from an impenetrably tight set of musicians who are all clearly having the time of their life.

Jordan Allen brought together their local community to create a musical powerhouse. One that draws massive crowds who can sing along with gusto. If the adoration exhibited by this crowd is anything to go by, they are ones to watch for the future.

Charley Weldrick

Header Imager Credit Iona Skye