New Year, Same Me

We’re all aware of the well known saying “New Year New Me” and throughout January the most popular topic of conversation seems to centre around each persons promise to themselves that this year will be different. Whether it is a challenge to lose weight, break a habit, or adopt a new lifestyle, the cycle remains that when January comes around, so does a major change in people’s way of living.


BUT. Is this actually a productive way to start off the new year? It cannot be denied that we are currently a society that strives to make progress. It seems that Apple are churning out new iPhones by the minute, drones are taking over the world and films are becoming more advanced by the year with the ability to utilise more spectacular special effects. However, it is not just technology that is advancing and pushing to find a better and improved version of a product. Us humans, too, are also constantly trying to become a better version of ourselves. We need to be thinner, we need to know more languages, we need to be more clever, we need to stop biting our nails, we need to be more environmentally friendly, we need to spend more time with family, we need to work longer hours, we need to get the best degree, we need to stop spending so much money. The list is endless. But how about we all stop telling ourselves that we ‘need’ to change. How about, for this year, instead of a new years resolution you just accept that you are good enough as you are.

Doubtless, there will be things about your lifestyle and yourself that you like. This is a good place to start. Instead of focusing on the things you don’t have (i.e. a musical talent, a healthy diet, enough money), focus on the things you do have. Perhaps you’re a good cook and get pleasure from baking cakes. Build on this. Make a cake each week and give it to someone different each time. Or maybe you love photography, in which case set aside some time to go out and take pictures each week. If nothing of this ilk comes to mind then have a think about what you did last year that was really successful. Maybe you managed to keep a diary for the whole year or stopped smoking. If you can find something positive you achieved for the whole of 2018, then why not tell yourself that this year you will maintain that achievement. 2019 will be the year you kept up all the positive aspects and achievements of 2018.

So, when the inevitable question ‘what’s your new years resolution’ gets fired at you, reply: ‘my new years resolution is to not have a new years resolution’. Because, at the end of the day, how many people actually stick to them anyway…


Carys Reid-Davies