Daring Dates for Valentines Day

Valentines Day is less than a month away and that means it’s time to up the game and pull out all the stops to create a beautifully romantic night for your special someone. Or does it?

What comes to mind when you think of Valentines Day? It’s often all about flowers, chocolates, and romantic candlelit dinners. Now, we’re students so most couples will probably cook a meal together at worst or go down to town for meal at best, but it’ll likely be pretty standard stuff. So, what if this year you went for something different, something exciting? You can go for a meal any night, so why not make 2019 the year where you marked Valentines Day with something special, and not conventional. Couples of Leeds, here are five alternative Valentines date ideas for this year:

  • Sofar Sounds 

These intimate gigs are a bit of a gamble as you have to sign up to a night (in a city of your choice) without knowing who will be playing or where it will be. This information is sent out just 24 hours before, but that’s all part of the excitement. Each experience is different but it is often a magical experience. This is without a doubt a must for any couples who enjoy surprises and music!

  • Domino Jazz Bar

The Domino Jazz Bar in Leeds is a real hidden gem. It has performers each week who provide hours of entertainment in this underground speakeasy. It screams quirky from the minute you arrive, with the entrance at the back of a working barbers shop. It also has a romantic atmosphere with low lighting and candlelit tables, what more could you want for a special evening?

  • Escape Room

An escape room doesn’t exactly scream romance, but it is a great way to spend some quality time together. Essentially, you have to work together to solve clues and break out of the escape room within an hour. It is such great fun and definitely an alternative way to spend Valentines Day.

  • Ilkley Moor

Being in the city is great, there’s always a buzz and everything from shops to cinemas are right on your doorstep. But sometimes it’s nice to get away, and there’s no better place to go than Ilkley Moor. Taking less than an hour from Burley Station (in Headingley) to Ilkley Station, this gorgeous expanse of moorland is both breathtaking and invigorating. You’ll feel as though you have been transported to a different planet! February isn’t known for having the best weather, so if it’s chilly, you’ll have a great reason to cuddle up in the fabulous country pub nearby!

  • Hyde Park Picture House

It may seem an obvious choice, but that’s because those of us lucky enough to live in Hyde Park would surely be mad not to go to Hyde Park Picture House for a date. This gorgeous cinema is a real treat and only £5 for students, so it shouldn’t require dipping into your Daring Dates for Valentines Day overdraft. It is also just around the corner from East Village, which is a brilliant cocktail bar and perfect for a pre- or post-film drink.


So, whether it’s a high-octane hour of putting your wits to the test in an escape room, or an active day out exploring Ilkley, there are plenty of alternative ways to treat your partner this Valentines.


Carys Reid-Davies


Images: Sofar Sounds, The Domino Club, Experience Games, Northern Antiquarian, Ourscreen