Star Trek: Discovery Season 2

Star Trek: Discovery seems to have gained its footing after a rocky first season that left many fans disappointed at the latest iteration of the Star Trek franchise. The show returns for its second season with new and familiar faces, and a level of confidence that was missing in the previous season.

Following the mission of the USS Discovery and Science Officer Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) after the end of the Klingon War, this season takes place directly from the closing of the first, when the USS Discovery receives a distress signal from the USS Enterprise. This new development teased the return of characters familiar to the Star Trek fanbase, and it delivered in the form of Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount)—who takes command of the Discovery to find out about the appearance mysterious red beacons spread across the universe. Along with Captain Pike, the appearance, or rather disappearance, of Spock (Ethan Peck) holds the key to this new mystery and his complicated relationship to foster sister Michael Burnham gives the audience a glimpse into his childhood on Vulcan. The presence of these two iconic figures helps cement this season in the tone and themes of past Star Trek shows, which the first season struggled to do.

Along with the addition of new characters, this season also explores the existing relationships on the Discovery with less of the awkwardness of the first season. Everyone seems to have settled into their characters and it shows in the confidence of their interactions and dialogue that feels more organic. The show now also possesses humour, which is a breath of fresh air after how seriously the show took itself in the first season.

Overall, the start of season 2 is incredibly promising, with a strong plot, good characterisation, and a self-awareness that gives me hope for the future of the Star Trek franchise.


Images: Cnet, The Independent

Jade Verbick