Fashions Fade, Style is Eternal

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Isabella Kemp shares her thoughts on the most distinctive fashion silhouettes of the 20th Century.

Christian Dior’s New Look (1947)

The 1940s was a time of the upmost class, and this is reflected in its silhouettes. A skirt below the knee kept things demure, not revealing too much. A cinched waist created the desirable hourglass figure, and long gloves topped off this classy ensemble. Gone were the days of worrying about touching a dirty bathroom handle…

Twiggy (1966)

The rise of the supermodel, with those skinny long legs and the flowing, A Line shift dress. We know this silhouette is designed to last: this iconic image of the 60s supermodel will never die out, but will never quite be mastered in the same way.

Joan Collins on Dynasty (1980s)

Dynasty was the chief promoter of the power-dressing silhouette of the 1980s, with brightly coloured outfits sported by its lead, the formidable Joan Collins. She created the image of the power dressing – the woman in the suit who can take you down, while looking fabulous.

Romy and Michelle (1997)

The cool girls at school, who must have been freezing! The 90s were a confusing time for all, fashion-wise, but the classic silhouette of kitten heels and statement short dresses was a win all round. Whether you went for a futuristic metallic style, or a feathered trim, you were always going to fit in in the 90s.

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By Isabella Kemp