Stretchy Dance Supply – Review

Rounding off first semester, Stretchy Dance Supply graced us with their presence at the wonderful Wharf Chambers, demonstrating their knack for a great party.

You’ve probably heard the name by now, but Stretchy Dance Supply are a relatively new Leeds collective, having only been on the scene for close to a year. Facilitating a much-needed shift away from the events that Leeds students are becoming accustomed to, the Stretchy crew pride themselves on not taking it all so seriously. As part of a growing number of DIY parties appearing across the Leeds scene, Stretchy have been able to solidify their position by running their unique events alongside hosting regular shows on KMAH Radio and new venture, Social Radio Leeds.

Inspired by Japan’s ‘Radio Taiso’ exercise workout, the visuals on the night – a key feature of the Stretchy parties – added an element of silliness and fun, complimenting the energetic breakbeats, jungle and UK bass which resonated with the exuberant crowd.

Sully performed for the majority of the night, alongside Stretchy’s own Breaka and Sourpuss, with junglism running deep as the theme of the event. Benton’s breaks track ‘Going Down’ was an undeniable standout, whilst waves of electro and garage also greeted the ever-anticipatory partygoers.

Upon setting foot in the venue, the atmosphere was fresh and energy was high. The pace of the night did not falter, as the stamina from the DJs kept the crowd dancing literally until the lights came on. The night can perhaps be summed up by an overheard quote: “No one wants to leave though.”

Stretchy Dance Supply are definitely ones to watch in 2019 and will return to Wharf Chambers on February 15th to celebrate their 1st birthday.

Olivia Attey

(Main image: Stretchy Dance Supply)