Enter Shikari Bring Euphoric Energy to the O2 Academy, 2.02.19

Black Peaks, had the task of it was their job to energize a crowd and to prepare them for what the evening had in store – band Enter Shikari.

It was truly astonishing the sheer sound a band of only four members can expel. This short performance left a welcomed metal taste in the mouth of the audience who wouldn’t soon forget the room filling booms of not only the instruments but the lead singer and his powerful vocals. The momentum he was able to keep up through the set was truly impressive, each song as huskily extreme as the next.

Blinding strobe lights flashing with the start of every chorus perfectly mirrored the intense vocals and guitar riffs. It was a well thought out production that really worked cohesively with what the band sound like. Refreshing given that they were not given much time to show off, their set comprised of only five songs – but they were very memorable.

The O2 and its audience needed to be prepared and filled with the mood that would be following, the Black Peaks took it upon themselves to deliver just what they needed to. The crowd went from a scarce pool of people to a collective of enlivened audience members who were enthralled by the performance. It was a shame that the room was not as full as it would become. Black Peaks’ music has a comparable element to Enter Shakari’s and I’m sure that those who enjoy that would definitively enjoy what Black Peaks had to offer as this snippet of a full performance indicated.

Opening the set with ‘The Sights’ – a welcomed single from their most recent album – Enter Shikari came a diverse set for music lovers galore. A clear consensus from the crowd followed as they come on stage evoking an eruption of continuous applause that didn’t halt for the entire set.

A band that seem so easily to touch base with every genre whilst still being engaging, Enter Shakari delivered here an engaging and varied set that rather than being a quick stop at old favourites, felt fresh and inventive. There was a concept to the order of songs played as the crowd we lead through a story of their creation, beliefs and motivations.

The production of the entire performance was unparalleled for a venue the size of the O2 Academy with a declaration of strobe lighting and large pieces of scaffolding that lit up their stage. Several songs were accompanied with confetti canons adding to the drama of the arguably perfect set. It felt a much larger venue than it was which was helped by lead singer Rou Reynolds’ stage presence, clearly indicating the twenty years the band has been together.

The crowd was arguably a sound as loud as the band themselves – consistent booms of everyone jumping to the intense rhythms as cups went flying and bodies collected in large pits of expression. Everyone in the room was having a good time.

Finishing off with what they considered to be a quick-fire round – four songs in eight minutes – regained the momentum and sent the crowd into a wild frenzy as their biggest hits were rolled out. The crowd were left chanting for the encore that they quickly delivered. Thank you for your passion, energy and volume Enter Shakari, in the same words as you thanked us.

Jessica McCarrick

Header Image Corrine Cumming