The Wombats Bring Their Passion to Leeds, 30.01.19

The Wombats have a knack of filling their shows with a resounding swell of excitement and innocence – it really is just a group of boys singing about the complexities of love and friendship which are relatable in ways that not many other artists can pull off. This is what makes every Wombat’s show feel so positive and safe; it’s escapism at its finest because you’re really just living vicariously through the eclectic electronics of the band’s various escapades.

An unsurprising set of their most famous songs was expected and welcomed to deliver an off the shelf performance that did not disappoint. The Wombats know their strengths and stick to them. Billowing balloons filled the arena bringing bursts of colour scatter all over the crowd as we chanted their words back to them, feeling like an extension of the band.

Where the show lacked slightly was the underwhelming production for the stage and performance. Their current tour is set to see mostly academies at each stop which explains the smaller set up that left a smaller performance than what matched the pace and energy of the band themselves.

Overall, it was a safe performance, littered with memorable songs like ‘Greek Tragedy’ and ‘Let’s Dance to Joy Division’, straight from our youths that delivered in every way it needed to. Something predictable when it comes to music like this is desired over surprise when it comes to a band that has their following for the reasons they do. The crowd wants to be thrilled by energy and simple anthems that give them an hour and a half of release. Where the problems we all face can be chanted in a sold-out arena full of like-minded people and a band with endless passion.

Jessica McCarrick

Header Image Credit Facebook