Acetate w/ Jeremy Sylvester – Review

Established back in 2011 by Hessle Audio’s Pearson Sound, Acetate has been appearing more and more frequently on Wire’s busy events calendar. The night has firmly cemented itself as one of the must-do club nights for any self-respecting student clubber in Leeds. What is so attractive about this night is its simple premise; two turntables, a rotary mixer, and some of Pearson Sound’s favourite DJs and friends to accompany his own sets.

On the bill for the first sold-out session of 2019 was Jeremy Sylvester, with Pearson Sound in support as usual. Sylvester, a bonafide UK garage legend took to the decks from 1am-3am, and it was nice to see Wire switching it up from their typical sound. With a classic UK garage set on the cards, by quarter to one the venue had filled with eager fans ready for the night to unfold.

The man of many aliases and producer of numerous huge anthems over the years chose Together by 24 Hour Experience as one of his starting songs to set the tone, encouraging everyone to groove. However, Sylvester’s upbeat selection started to get heavier and deeper just half an hour after he took to the turntables, playing some of his classic garage vinyl from the vaults including Shake It Up by G.O.D.

Pearson Sound kept the momentum going until the end of the night, perfectly complementing Sylvester’s set which the crowd were visibly pleased with. This unique and authentic 100% vinyl night was of top quality with a great variety of tracks expertly played by both selectors.

(Main image: Acetate)