A Pea Bit Too Much – the Newest Non-Diary Milk

Pea milk is the latest non-dairy product which is taking the health industry by a storm.

The milk has been commended for having a high protein content as well as omega 3s, which can be very beneficial for our health. Pea milk also contains eight times the amount of protein as other non-dairy alternatives such as almond milk. Nevertheless, could the growth of pea milk be a sign that the non-dairy industry is going too far?

Pea milk is one of many non-dairy milk products which has started to hit the shelves. You may have noticed the addition of oat milk, almond milk, soya milk, rice milk, coconut milk and cashew milk in stores, which can be very beneficial for our health. Vegan cheeses are also becoming increasingly popular, especially following the Veganuary phenomenon which many people followed at the start of the year. Some of the health benefits of these non-dairy alternatives include the high calcium content, a lack of cholesterol and no lactose which has been proven to make the process of digestion easier.

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Using non-dairy alternatives such as pea milk is not bad for our health. Nevertheless, the idea that dairy products are bad for us is getting out of hand.

Firstly, the cost of these non-dairy alternatives is often much higher than consuming regular milk and cheese. As students, this can be a particularly important factor when choosing our milk and cheese.

Secondly, the health benefits of consuming dairy, in moderation, are great. Cow’s milk is high in calcium, vitamin D and B12 which can be essential for our bones and growth. Additionally, cow’s milk and cheese can be high in protein, as well as fat, which is healthy in moderation. The consumption of whole milk has also been linked to the prevention of obesity, this is because of its high protein content which lowers appetite and creates an illusion of feeling fuller for longer.

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The final benefit of dairy products is the taste. Whilst many people argue non-dairy cheese and milk tastes the same, dairy products are often much tastier than vegan alternatives.

There are many positives of the consumption of both dairy and non-dairy products. Whilst pea milk and other non-dairy alternatives may provide health benefits, the idea that consuming dairy milk and cheese is bad for us is simply false.

Jess Farmer