Agony Aunt: Help I’m Struggling to Maintain a Work/Life Balance in Second Semester!

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With us just inhaling after our sigh of relief that January are exams over, it’s now the run up to the dreaded diss deadlines (I’m speaking to all the final years out there) and yet more assignments.

Second semester is inevitably more stressful than first, as the pace picks up much faster than when you first join in September. It can feel a bit overwhelming juggling a decent social life with the pressures of the never ending uni workload. Whilst it’s natural to feel less enthusiastic about going on nights out when feeling bogged down with work, it’s still so important to make an active effort to socialise as it’s a great stress reliever and helps you maintain strong relationships.

So whilst a crazy night out followed by a dreadful hangover might not be the ideal option for a midweek catch-up with friends, here are some alternative social options that will fit in your hectic second semester schedule.

  • 1. Arrange a Come Dine With Me night with your group of friends

This is such a good alternative to a big night out as it’s sort of like a pres, but with more wine and loads of tasty food. It gives you a chance to catch up with all your friends and test out each other’s culinary skills! Plus, this is a much cheaper option than eating out at a restaurant.

  • 2. Plan a face mask and chill evening with your bestie

I feel like self-pamper evenings catching up over cups of green tea (or rosé if you want to treat yourself), are so under rated. It’s so important to take time to look after your skin and chill your mind out which is a nice contrast to being busy all day at uni.

  • 3. Fit in catching up with friends during your lunch break i.e. lunch at Terrace

Sometimes going for a meal out can feel inconvenient on the days where you either need the evening to do work or have been so busy during the day that you just want to chill out alone to regain your energy. For times like these, meeting your friends during your lunch break for a much-needed catch-up might be more suitable. You can meet up a Terrace for an hour then go on about your day at Eddy B to finish your assignments, guilt-free.

  • 4. Start a new series with your flatmates

We all love a good series so why not start one with your flatmates? It gives you a chance to socialise together with minimal effort, so it’s ideal for when you’ve had a long day at uni and all you need is a quiet night in with your friends to boost your mood. If you’re after a comedy I recommend An Idiot Abroad; it’s hilarious, and it might even give you some holiday inspo too (or not!).

I hope that with these tips, you can feel a little calmer about fitting in your social schedule this semester!

Andri Neocleous