Is it Fair to Splash the Cash on Children, or Does it End up Creating a Bit of a Stormi?

It seems like only yesterday the rumours were flying around about Kylie Jenner’s possible pregnancy. Just over year ago, our suspicions were finally confirmed. Stormi Webster was born on 1st February 2018, announced via a YouTube video which has now racked up over 80 million views.  Fast forward 12 months, to what may become known as the party of year – at least compared to other first birthday parties!

The party was excessive to say the least. A mixture of family and friends, many being A-list celebrities, were welcomed by a slightly unnerving inflatable Stormi face, where they were invited to walk through her mouth to enter the party. But this was just the start.

The guests were then greeted by fairground rides, a Stormi gift shop and a throw-the-bean-bag-through-the-mouth-of-a-cardboard-Stormi-face game. Even the bins were branded with ‘Stormi’s World’. There was a live performance of ‘Baby Shark’ for the younger guests and, of course, an intricately-designed birthday cake, to match the star-studded company.

There is no doubt that this party cost far more than even your average wedding. However, this was no problem for Kylie, head of her eponymous make up empire. At just 20 years old, she is on 2018’s Forbes list having earned $900 million in just three years.

Naturally, for a party of this size, the presents had to be equally extravagant. Perhaps one of the most lavish, filmed on Kylie’s Instagram stories, was DJ Khaled’s present: a kids’ Chanel handbag. Well, this one-year old has got a lot more fashion cred than most of the world.

So, is having bucket loads of money a good reason to treat your children like royalty, or is it possible to cross the line into spoiling territory? Despite the thousands Kylie spent on her daughter’s birthday, it’s unlikely that Stormi will remember a thing about it in a few years. So, does this kind of ‘treat’ just overly indulge children rather than make them truly happy? Will Stormi end up like yet another wealthy LA teenager with no need to work and an entitled, materialistic attitude. Or are diamonds really a girl’s best friend?

Kylie Jenner’s make up empire, built on a foundation of lip kits, has led to her overtaking all her older siblings in net worth rankings and facilitating this blow-out party. Despite this, it’s clear to see that this young mum clearly has a lot love for her daughter and if she wants to show her love through a party, is there anything really wrong with that? Well, that’s for you to decide. Meanwhile we’re sure that if ‘Stormi’s World’ is any sign of what’s to come, Stormi’s 10th birthday party might just be out of this universe.

Emma Prentice

Image: Cosmopolitan