LSR’s The Transmission Delights, 07.02.19

Exactly a year on from the last, Leeds Student Radio’s the Transmission returned to Brudenell Social Club the first Thursday of February. After three months of hard work, the team behind it all strung together a wholesome evening with good music and lots of familiar faces.

Joshua Zero
Image via Rupert Lloyd Photography

With saNTINO dropping out the evening before, Joshua Zero was the replacement as first on the bill. The band played a string of whiney, emo numbers with plenty of lamenting, shredding and punchy drums, which felt straight off a soundtrack to an angsty coming-of-age film.

Solis was next on stage, washing over a now-sizeable audience with a collection of lovely folky songs. The vocals stole the show as they wandered over a moody rhythm section, soft and yodelly at times, but always enchanting.

Image via Rupert Lloyd Photography

Perhaps the highlight of the evening, Leeds’ very own N/\L/\ played next. N/\L/\’s performance came as a sequel to her feature with Garde Dog at last year’s Transmission; it was a return that was thoroughly welcomed. She seemed to completely capture her audience, with a loyal cult of dancers gathering at the front of the audience. N/\L/\’s command of the venue was impressive considering it was just herself accompanied by her synths and erratic dance moves. The set was funny, brash and eccentric, but all in good measure; her energy was profuse and entrancing, despite the food poisoning she graphically alluded to at the start.

LCoM collective Mondo Bizarre were the last live set of the evening, bringing a feel-good jazz- and funk-infused mix of covers and original tracks. Though they teetered on tribute-band-esque territory, their set was enjoyable and well-received. As a group of 8, the band carried lots of energy, which was emulated by a filled out main room of the Brudenell.

Though the venue gradually emptied out, the night ended on a high with NikNak’s tip-top DJ set. NikNak brought a mix of old-school bangers from N.E.R.D. and JT to more recent hits from the likes of Janelle Monae and Childish Gambino. The set was loads of fun, leaving us keen to seeing her again around the Leeds circuit, including her appearance at the next Slut Drop event on the 23rd February.

Mondo Bizarre
Image via Rupert Lloyd Photography

The evening proved to be a great success with a strong turn-out, an incessant live stream and £700 raised for MAP Charity; we can only look forward to what next year’s Transmission brings.

Safi Bugel

Header image via Leeds Student Radio/Rupert Lloyd Photography