Review: LUU’s bubble tea shop ‘Pearls’

Some of you may have seen the long queue just opposite Salad Box in LUU and wondered what it was for. A new Bubble Tea store has now opened right on campus. If you’re a Bubble Tea lover then look no further for your weekly supply of this delicious drink.

Bubble Tea, also known as Boba Tea, Bubble Milk Tea, and other similar variations, is a drink that originated from Taiwan. It sounds like a simple drink, a mix of tea and milk, but has stolen the heart of many people all over the world. What is special are the Tapioca pearls, making up the ‘bubble’ part of the drink’s name. The original Tapioca pearls are sweet and chewy, which may need getting used to as it can be a strange texture at first. Pearls also offer ‘Popping Pearls’ as well as a variety of other toppings (such as jelly, custard pudding and red bean) which you can add if you’re not too big on Tapioca pearls. Altering the level of sugar and ice to your taste and liking is also possible, and of course, there is the option to have your drink hot. There are a range of flavours to choose from, including oreo, piña colada (yes, you read that right), and an assortment of fruit teas.

As a Taiwanese, the original flavour Bubble Tea is quite good at Pearls. Though, of course, it does not live up to that from Taiwan, it was a pleasant experience nonetheless. There wasn’t an overwhelming taste of milk powder and you can definitely taste the black tea. The pearls were nice and chewy as well, not too hard.

If you have yet to try Bubble Tea, this is a chance to find your favourite combination and watch your sugar levels go up. Meanwhile, if you know you’re going to be a frequent visitor, Pearls also has a loyalty points system which some may not know about. You can ask for a card at the counter to collect stamps for a free drink!