Top 3 Takeaway Places In Leeds

The classic takeaway could not be more distant from its humble origins as Leeds boasts flavours of the world, packaged away and delivered straight to your door. Release your taste buds from arrest and allow them freedom, with everything from the mouth-sweltering Caribbean cuisine on offer, to the scrumptious Sicilian treats. No one wants an Aldi ready meal 4 days in a row – be honest! With the fast-paced eruption of takeaway outlets, such as Deliveroo and Uber Eats, the food experience is able to easily transport into your own student kitchen, small as it may be. The flavours provide a break away from the stacks of textbooks behind the TV. Swap the soggy, oil-drenched pizza box for real Italian pizza and let the flavours fuse into you!

Wipe up the drool. Here are the top 3 takeaway places in Leeds that you can get your hands on… and teeth into, organised in order of cost: 1 for when you’re on a budget and 3 for when the student loan comes in.

1) Maureen’s Caribbean Takeaway – Best value for money

Think spice. Think mouth-watering. Maureen’s authentic cuisine reminds you of the sun behind the rain and welcomes the colour and experience of the Caribbean to the dreary Northern nights of Leeds. The unpretentious takeaway restaurant epitomises authenticity. This is no gentrified hubbub of hipsters, it’s organically refreshing and allures the senses like no other. Maureen’s soups alternate on a daily basis so pop in on a Wednesday or Saturday to savour the Oxtail Red Pea Soup (£2.50 for a small). Follow this up with some Jerk Chicken which will leave you scheduling in your diary when you will next have it, and wrestle the fresh pineapple cake (made by Maureen herself) if you still have room – it is totally worth it. Unfortunately, this hidden gem does not deliver, however its whole purpose is to take away, so grab it on your way home, and it sure will deliver some amazing flavours!

2) CULTO Leeds – Great for a medium budget

‘Pizza anyone?’ Have you ever met a vaguely sane person whom has ever said ‘no’? Especially if what follows is ‘From CULTO!’ No. You haven’t. And, never will. Straight from Italy, the pizza at CULTO Leeds offers a twist on the traditional greasy takeaway, providing you instead with a completely (well, almost completely) healthy boost. Pizza and nutrients. A student’s paradise. The restaurant has become a Trip Advisor marvel, a rustling and bustling fave for locals. Allow the buzz and the fragrance of Italia into your home, and you can rest assure knowing they do not skimp on delivery. With the diverse array of dishes, there is certainly something for you. They also offer the finest Italian coffee so grab one on the way home and get, not just a health boost, but an energy boost as well!

3) MyLahore – Pay day

If you’re a fan of a fusion of Indian and British Cuisine, and have a slightly more upmarket budget, MyLahore brings fireworks of flavours, wrapped in luxury, to your home. Unfaltering reviews make MyLahore a gem of Leeds you should not miss, and if you don’t fancy popping your heels on and experience the dining experience – which is completely understandable, feet up – delivery apps come to the rescue. Built on the pioneering migrant experience, the restaurant continues to delight in all respects, ensuring that even the delivery people come with charm. On the slightly pricier side, but you can trust this one, it’s amazing!

Delphie Bond

Image: Tripadvisor, Maureens Caribbean Takeaway, Eat Leeds, Takeaway Packaging