YOU: Season 2 Is On Its Way To You

YOU season 1 premiered at a time when Netflix needed a pick me up, something a bit different, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Released all at once on Netflix on December 26th, YOU, based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Caroline Kepnes, tells the story of Joe Goldberg (Penn Bagley) and his twisted creepy love life. After the overwhelming success of the first season, the binge worthy show is back for a second season, and producers have hinted that there is even the possibility of a season three on the cards!

The second season will be based on the sequel book, Hidden Bodies, and there are likely to be another 10 episodes in this season. Although Penn Badgley will be returning as the terrifying and obsessive Joe Goldberg, it is likely that the show will meet a new set of characters and storylines. Netflix have even started to reveal the new female lead on Twitter:

It looks like Joe will also be moving from New York to Los Angeles for a ‘fresh start’ along with his new love interest.

However, season 1 left us with a big cliff-hanger. The big question on everyone’s lips is what does Candace know, where has she been and what really happened between her and Joe? There has also been fans speculation about Peach’s friend, Raj, who was invited to her house and disappeared not long before her death. Will Joe try to pin it on him when the police come snooping? Ultimately, will Joe ever get caught for his crimes, before he does it again? Hopefully we shall also see Pablo again, but in the hope that he doesn’t turn out to be another psycho like Joe.

We may have a while to wait, as it is not scheduled for release until autumn 2019, but that just leaves us with plenty of time to re-watch the first season.

Sadie Fox

Image: Netflix