Jungle Get The O2 Moving and Grooving, 16.02.19

Jungle put on an impressive sell-out show at the 02 Academy last Saturday night.

The band, formed in 2013, created a feel-good Saturday night atmosphere that had the diverse crowd dancing- and when I say diverse, I’m including the likes of a 70 year old looking man wearing a suit, busting some very questionable moves.

The visuals proved striking, providing Boomerang opportunities left, right and centre, particularly aside the beach ball that one member of the audience decided to bring along to the party.

The flashing lights added an extra disco- feel to the show, creating a club like scene (but with actual enjoyable, live music compared to your typical Beaver Works student night out). The band performed in front of a brightly lit, rather large “Jungle” sign, and began with tracks from their most recent album.

Formed by Tom McFarland and Josh Lloyd- Watson, the band expand to a 7-piece for live performances. They consist of a multitude of instruments including two keyboards (played by the founding members, one of whom also played guitar), bongos, drums, a bass guitar, and two vocalists. One vocalist somehow made playing the tambourine whilst rocking a cowboy hat look somewhat cool.

The band ended with an encore of ‘Busy Earnin’’ and ‘Time’, the epitome of Jungle’s fun, relaxed dance tunes.

To those sceptical about seated tickets, I was initially disappointed to be separated from the crowds, yet my view of the stage turned out to be pretty perfect from the balcony- I highly recommend for my fellow 5, 4” peeps.

Gabby Kenny

Header Image Credit- Facebook