Top 5 LGBTQ+ Video Game Characters

For the top five greatest video games with LGBTQ+ characters, the top two spots simply must go to Bioware. Both of their series, Dragon Age and Mass Effect, have an expansive amount of characters which can be romanced by either a male or female protagonist, thus making a large amount of characters fall within the LGB section of LGBTQ+.

Dr Liara T’Soni is a character in every game of the Mass Effect series and is part of the “Asari” race, which can reproduce with any gender of the species. The character is also incredibly intelligent with immense knowledge of past races and trained in the powers. The daughter of a Matriarch and another Asari was seen to be a negative thing, raised as an only child, but proved others wrong with later going on to become one of the greatest archaeologists, a character that is worth looking up to. Another great character is that of Pilot Steve Cortez, who is a gay widower, helped by Commander Shepard through the grieving process. His best friend is a heterosexual character, called James Vega, showing that he is not just one-dimensional, and is capable of interacting with other gay men or women. Mass Effect 3 has the highest roster of LGBTQ+ characters.

Additionally, there is Dragon Age, a game where your protagonist can be gay, lesbian or bisexual. Dragon Age Inquisition is seen to have the most interesting range of LGBTQ+ characters, containing lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and cross-dressing characters. The greatest of these characters is Dorian; he comes from a highly respected family who do not agree with his lifestyle and try to make him repress. He refused such actions and instead fled from home; many in the LGBTQ+ community may also has had to confront similar issues. Another character in a similar position is Krem, a trans man whom you can have very respectful conversations with, and is accepting and considerate of the feelings of trans people of being trapped in a body they do not resonate with.

Another game is Night in the Woods.Mae is an incredible character, whom most can resonate with. A college dropout moving back to her small home town, Mae is pansexual. It doesn’t define her and is rarely brought up which is nice to see. She is friends with a gay couple, called Gregg and Angus. Angus was abused as a child, a topic that is rarely touched on in video games with gay men, so it is definitely an interesting experience. There is also a transgender character and is a refreshing game.

Watch Dogs 2 is set in San Francisco, with pride flags waving throughout the city, same-gender couples seen holding hands and cuddling and talks of surrogates. It’s like a natural world in the game, where there are asexual characters, transgender, those in polygamous relationships, drag queens and many others from the LGBTQ+ community. An amazing character is Miranda Comay, a black transgender female and city councillor.

The fifth on this list was incredibly hard to choose, so a shout out will be given to Ellie from The Last of Us and The Last of Us Left Behind, along with Chloe Price from Life is Strange. The fifth game character in this ranking is J.J. Macfield from The Missing. A character whose mother is extremely religious, as she tries to understand her feelings and thinks about how to express them. She loves a young woman named Emily. J.J who suffers with depression, leading to self-harm and a suicide attempt. Her progress is painful physically and mentally, turning the game into one with a transgender narrative. Playing the game through is recommended as it’s rare for players to feel a clear sense of self and the love inside you as well as that happy ending.

Tyler Denyer

Image: StanisN7