Ceiling Collapse Causes Disruption at Beaver Works’ Cirque Club Night

Beaver Works’ sell-out Cirque Du Soul club night was interrupted at around 2am last night, following the partial collapse of the room’s ceiling.

The incident reportedly occurred during Purple Disco Machine’s set in the Tall Room.

Image: Will Pickworth

A Beaver Works spokesperson told The Gryphon:

“During Cirque Du Soul at Beaver Works, just after 2am on Saturday 23rd of Febuary, a section of plasterboard and insulation attached to a sprinkler pipe and camo net became detached from the main ceiling, coming to the ground at one end. The cause of this is being investigated.”

Beaver Works have revealed that “Four people were treated by [their] two first aid responders.”

They apologised for these injuries, saying that “Everyone at Beaver Works is very sorry that some people were hurt, but very grateful that there were no worse injuries.”

One attendee posted images on Leeds Uni Tickets, showcasing the head wound he had sustained. Image: Ahmed Qazi

One of the attendants who was reportedly injured during the floor collapse took to Facebook group ‘Leeds Uni Tickets’, revealing a head wound he had sustained, which required stitches.

Following the collapse, those in attendance were ushered to the venue’s other rooms. The room in which the collapse occurred remained closed for the remainder of the event.

The rest of the event continued as planned. Beaver Works said: “As the damage did not involve the main structure of the building, all other indoor and outdoor areas were safe to continue until the event finished at 5am as planned.”

This incident is not set to cause disruption for future Beaver Works events. They said: “The damage to the room itself is not serious and if the structural engineers report and repairs allow, we hope to be open next weekend as usual. We will let people know as soon as possible.”

Apologising for the night’s disruptive events, Beaver Works said: “We are so sorry that peoples nights out may have been spoiled and hope we can make up for this in the future.”

Megan Cummings, Polly Hatcher

[Image: Resident Advisor]