Cub Sport Glisten at Headrow House, 20.02.19

Sometimes the support artist steals the whole show. Niall Summerton’s slow crashing surf embraced all that touched their toes into the band’s melodic waves. With only one song released to date, the Yorkshire native has somehow managed to create the musical embodiment of the meandering stream of students falling down through Hyde Park at sunset. Ironically, I would waste all my life listening to ‘Oh, To Waste My Time!’ if I could – I don’t know if it is the sliding guitar, understated vocals or atmospheric trumpet, but it is an earworm that will never truly leave my head. Think of a less pretentious Mac De Marco with soul enough to feed a thousand.

That is not to say that Cub Sport were not breathtaking. Quite a juxtaposition from Summerton, the Brisbane quadruplet offered an atmosphere as bright as lead singer Tim Nelson’s rose-gold glittery blazer. 

Nelson opened the set unannounced with the acapella ‘Unwinding Myself’, the intro to their latest album. It takes real balls to start a lively set with slow solo vocals, especially at Headrow House, where the audience stand less than an arm away, but he smashed it. With not a moment to waste, they then smashed the silence with ‘Video’ and unbolted a vast discography of songs, with scattered notions of inclusivity and religious metaphors reminiscent of Nelson’s childhood. 

Their third album’s recent divulgence into a heavier electro sound was the focus of the night, with ‘Limousine’ taking centre stage as the crowd tried to sing along with the chorus with more sounds than words. Old favourites were left to the end; ‘Chasin’’, the story of Nelson’s acceptance of feelings for Sam, the keyboard player, dispersed one final blast of energy into a crowd heavy-laden with sweat and left everyone beaming from ear to ear. 

Header Image Credit: Joe Angus