Kehlani Shines in New Album, While We Wait

Hot on the heels of Ariana Grande, Kehlani delivers a modern pop R&B record that has a similar sound to the mega star. 

Kehlani burst onto the scene in 2014 with an eight track album titled Cloud19 followed by collaborations with the likes of Chance the Rapper in 2015. Shortly after, she signed to Atlantic records and released her first full length album in 2017. With the second album, often cited as the make or break of an artist’s career, Kehlani delivers well for the current music climate.

Honest lyrics, layered vocal harmonies, driving beats and a sprinkling of gospel soul are present throughout the duration of While We Wait. All four features (MusiqSoulchild, Don Kennedy, Ty Dolla $ign and 6lack) are great additions to the album. Conceptually, the album discusses the all-too-familiar subject of relationships, sex and love but delivers well on this. 

Individual tracks that stand out were ‘Morning Glory’ and ‘Love Language’. The former adds rhythmic interest to the record as a whole, as it uses occasional shifts from a 4/4 pattern – for example, on the word “goodbye” in the chorus. 

My personal favourite, however, is the last track on the album, ‘Love Language’. Built around a riff that carries throughout and utilising vocal samples, it is simple but effective.

Whilst this album has the potential to chart well, it lacks differentiating factors in sound and lyrical concepts from the rest of pop today – a risk which pays off for Kehlani. If you are after some enjoyable and easily digestible pop, then this album delivers in bucket loads. 

[5/5 Stars]