Top 4 Pancake Places in Leeds

Pancake day is approaching on the 5th of March and there is no better place to celebrate than here in Leeds. Here are my top 4 favourite places to try pancakes in Leeds, whether it be traditional American pancakes or French crepes.

The first place on the list is Crepe Affaire which is located in the Trinity Shopping centre. Here you can buy traditional french crepes with a range of flavours. My personal favourite is nutella but there are a range of crepes available, from sweet to savoury. They even do some healthy options with spinach and tomato.

The next place I recommend is Le Chalet which is located on the Park Row in Leeds. This is a traditional French cafe which has a great deal this pancake day. They are offering unlimited crepes for 1 hour for just £9.95 if you go between 2-5pm. They also offer an extensive range of pancake toppings, from Nutella to syrup to savoury concoctions. Why not take on the challenge and eat as many pancakes as possible in one hour at Le Chalet?

The third place I recommend for pancake day this year is slightly pricier but definitely worth it, in my opinion. East 59th is a trendy rooftop restaurant located in the new Victoria Gate shopping centre. This roof top restaurant and bar will be offering free flowing pancakes for 90 minutes for £15. They also have an even better deal of unlimited pancakes and prosecco for 90 minutes. Their speciality flavours include bacon and maple syrup or chocolate and banana. Whether you fancy pancakes sober or tipsy, pancake day will be very exciting at East 59th.

The final place I want to recommend for a fancy pancake day is Angelicas which is located on the roof of the trinity restaurant in Leeds. Take some nice pictures and enjoy some pancakes and cocktails. They have a range of 10 different pancake toppings for the pice of £9. Some of the flavours are very unique, my personal favourites include the Baileys cream or rum and raisin. If you want to go glamorous this pancake day then Angelicas is the place to do it.

There are so many great places to celebrate pancake day in Leeds this year. Whether you make a night of it or just spend all day indulging, I hope you have a great time.