Dazzling Destinations for Spring Break

With the spring holidays fast approaching, many of you will be planning to get away from the stress and strain of university life. Here are some interesting ideas of destination possibilities…

Crete, Greece

If you fancy some sun, delicious food and breath-taking vistas, then Crete is definitely the place for you. As temperatures begin to rise, April is a time when this beautiful Greek island can be truly appreciated without floods of tourists there to disrupt your relaxing getaway.

If you’re worried about prices, fear not! It’s not unusual for hotels here to be offering deals at a quarter of the summer price. However, a must-see attraction is the Botanical Park of Crete which is home to some of the oldest olive orchards in Europe!


An absolutely wonderful location, the city of Kyoto in Japan comes to life in spring to put on a vibrant display of trees blooming with cherry blossom. You could even enjoy this stunning spectacle whilst having a boat ride on the lake.

Although, this is not all Japan has to offer. The more adventurous of us may wish to seek out the views on top of Mount Fuji or may even enjoy hopping onto the famously fast bullet-trains.

Havana, Cuba

The old-fashioned town of Havana has often been shrouded in mystery…but now is the time for you to go and explore it. Get closer to the history of Cuba by riding in their famous cars. Yes, the government ended up banning the import of newer, more modern vehicles and so Havana is teeming with cars from the 1950s.

But, of course, it would be scandalous not to attend a few salsa classes during your time in this magical place; it is the birthplace of salsa after all. Whatever you choose to do, whether it is visiting a cigar factory, watching a baseball game or indulging in the local delicacies, a spring break to Havana will bring with it the promise of scorching temperatures and reasonable prices for flights.


If moderate temperatures and green surroundings are more your thing, Namibia is the perfect place to escape to during the spring. You are sure to be lucky enough to get a glimpse at some of Namibia’s incredible wildlife at the many waterholes located in Etosha (a huge wildlife park). It is even possible to watch the seals at Cape Cross as they bathe in the glimmering seawater and later unwind in the Namibian heat. Or how about a visit to Kolmanskop. This was once a wealthy and rich diamond-mining area, now all that remains is a derelict ghost town. Article by Jago Di Piro