Seafret Bring it All Back to Yorkshire, 27.02.19

Straight off their European tour, Yorkshire duo, Seafret return to the UK to sold-out shows and graced a packed-out Wardrobe on the 27th of February  

Image via Amy Brown

Support came from another Northerner, singer-songwriter Callum Spencer, whose inspiration comes from Passenger and Foy Vance, and his new single ‘Nothing But Strangers’ is out on Spotify. Followed by Irish duo Rosborough who brought some rockier vibes to the evening.  

The sold-out show began with ‘Beauty on the Breeze’ and ‘Atlantis’ showing off Jack Sedman’s raw vocals and the crowd sang every word of the passionate lyrics. A heavier version of old favourite ‘Give Me Something’ from their debut album Tell Me Its Real left excitement for a new album which they exclaimed they started recording in January. They released Monsters EP, in 2018 which was great to hear some new songs after two years, in which ‘Monsters’ and ‘Can’t Look Away’ seem much more textured than their previous songs. It seems as Harry has really developed on Guitar and Keyboard, it would just be great if he had a microphone! ‘Heartless’ off the EP still has the hauntingly authentic Seafret sound which Jack said he sang the whole song with a hair in his mouth from his “wig”! Beautiful ballad ‘Loving You’ out earlier this year left an emotional sensation in the room.

The encore saw Bad Blood with the drummer from Rosborough creating a more up tempo sound that would be amazing to hear more of on their new album, which should hopefully be out by the end of this year!

Header image via Seafret