The Female Empowerment Bloggers You Should be Following

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Andri writes close to home for the Blogs section, all about female empowerment bloggers.You’re sat in bed entering a deep scroll through Instagram, seeing post after post of fitness pages, beautiful air-brushed models and super healthy food accounts. 

Whilst some might call this ‘inspiration’, being exposed to the same type of content everyday can cause a constant self-comparison. 

Here are some accounts that will help re-vamp your social media feed that ooze sass, wittiness and female empowerment. I recommend you give these accounts a follow to help you push the negativity aside, motivate yourself and give yourself a good old confidence boost.

Chidera Eggerue (The Slumflower)

Author of the best selling book, What a Time to be Alone, Chidera Eggerue is the older sister we’ve always wanted; she empowers her (primarily female) audience by championing body positivity and promotes embracing our own uniqueness (or what society would call “flaws”) through her viral online campaign #SAGGYBOOBSMATTER.

I’ve followed her on Instagram since I was in year 10 and feel like I’ve been on a journey with her booming account as she’s been my self-help guru; guiding me throughout my teenage years from break-ups, bad skin 
days to periods of time where I’m just not feeling myself. 

She has been a guest speaker on the BBC, TED talks and numerous podcasts, so I recommend you give those a listen for when you’re in need of a confidence boost. 

Breeny Lee

Although a cursory glance at Breeny Lee’s Instagram feed could see you confusing it as a classic beauty and lifestyle blog, after watching Breeny Lee’s YouTube videos, you’ll see how she promotes female empowerment mostly through a relationship perspective. Fundamentally, she inspires women to “know your worth” before settling down for anything less. 

Whilst I don’t necessarily agree with all of her perspectives, her analogies are powerful and can help clarify your outlook on situations you may be going through as well as your feelings towards them. Her YouTube video playlist, ‘Soul Surgery’, is a really insightful watch as she speaks through her own self-development, struggles and break-throughs.


This Instagram account is made up of unique illustrations emphasising the beauty of the female psyche and her long detailed captions explore important topics such as society’s perception of menstruation, female acne, chronic illnesses, race and sexuality. 

Andri Neocleous