Victoria Beckham SS19: A Love Letter to Modern Femininity

As Victoria Beckham’s new line walked at London Fashion Week, her family sat front row to watch her vision encapsulate the alphabet of modern femininity. With smatterings of leopard print, which we have seen storm runways and shop windows this year, working alongside loose fitted skirts and dresses, Beckham demonstrated how fashion can really be the costume women wear to embrace modern femininity.

She stated that her contemporary yet retro style was for the women who are “proper but definitely not prim.” This is what encapsulates the real lady of today; the working woman, the mother, the friend, the bread-winner, the boss. The collection celebrates the fashion of today, of the past, and of proposals for the future; by collaborating these together, Beckham champions the way women have broken into the world to make their mark. 

Beckham’s vision certainly portrays this. Her designs, including mid-length slim fitted skirts in bold block colours and blouses and shirts,powerfully show off the dominance and confidence of a working woman. The line also included plunging neck lines which, according to Beckham, showed off the “naughty edge” this woman should have while also remaining ladylike.

Victoria Beckham made it clear that her line was for the modern woman. She herself has begun a new journey into the modern world by releasing her new YouTube channel which presents videos of her preparing for catwalks, launching new designs and live streaming her shows. Beckham has worked tirelessly to get to the position she is in today. For years, no line, brand, or designer would take her seriously due to always being seen as a Spice Girl. Her line now perfectly represents her dedication – she has well and truly claimied her space in the fashion industry.

By Georgia Prichard